Bereket Supper Club Invitation
L.A.'s only underground supper club featuring modern Ethiopian cuisine.
Digital invitation emailed to subscribers.

Malcolm Fontier ad for Modern Atlanta

Insert for the Mojito. Includes an on-the-go travel guide, suggested destinations and lifetime coupon for Malcolm Fontier products.

Golden Girls is a the nation's largest home-party gold-buying organization. They live by their motto "Gold Does Good" by donating money to local charities with every purchase.

Sample spreads from the 90+ procedures manual. The actual copy is NDA-protected.

A deliciously whimsical cupcake shop based on Betsey Johnson and the Mad Hatter. Take home your delicious little cakes in these vibrant little hat boxes. Leaning cupcake tower available for purchase to showcase your lovely little creations.

Stationery, including business cards cut to the whim of the Mad Hatter and a cupcake shaped Look Book; Hat box to-go packaging; Staff party attire

Tapas-style dining meets Thai cuisine in 5, a unique dining experience based on flavor, not course. At 5, the menu is categorized by each of the five essential flavors of Thai food, making it easy to satisfy your spicy-sweet craving or the salty-sour-spicy kick you have been on lately.

Environmental graphics; Menu, dishes and to-go packaging

Not all girls are made of sugar and spice. Some are a Little Tart.

Standing out from the crowd of pink cocktails and mixes marketed to women, Little Tart uses bold colors and famous female performers as muses. Peel the label off the neck to reveal cocktail recipes.

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20000 REASONS: A Capital Campaign
Malaria kills 20,000 children annually in Ghana. A Bedbug Story seeks to educate Ghanaian children on the importance of using insecticide-treated nets (ITNs).

The book arrives in a pouch made of Ghanaian fabric and includes foldout pages with the case statement and ways to get involved.